SPBP'19: Second Workshop on Security and Privacy-enhanced Business Process Management

September 2nd, 2019, Vienna, Austria

Co-located with the International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2019)




  • Alex Norta: Secured and Flexible Blockchain-Based Non-Governmental Identity-Authentication for Sociotechnical Systems Applications


  • Nicolas Mayer: A Risk Management Framework for Compliance of Regulated Services, ABSTRACT


Despite the growing demand for business processes that comply with security and privacy policies, security and privacy incidents caused by erroneous workflow specifications are regrettably common. This is, in part, because business process management, security and privacy are seldom addressed together, thereby hindering the development of trustworthy, privacy and security-compliant business processes.

The central theme of the workshop is the interplay between business process management,security and privacy management. The goal is to establish a venue to discuss business process privacy and integrity management, for instance by using the merging technologies such as

* blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed ledgers,
* distributed process mining
* privacy-aware and privacy enhancing technologies,
* artificial intelligence, and more.

The workshop will also welcome traditional submissions on security and security risk management, including compliance checking, privacy and security policies, monitoring and measuring security activities within business processes.